Inaugural Concert sign-up (June 16, 2023)

We hope you’ll sing the whole cantata for the world premier concert (which we sometimes call the Inaugural Concert). Learning a 35 minute piece may be too much for busy singers and choirs so we support partial participation.  You can choose which of the four movements you would like to sing.   We only ask that you always include at least the last movement in your choices because it employs three simultaneous choruses, demanding as many singers as possible.  To help you decide, this guide shows movement durations and note-ranges for each part HERE.  Sign up below if you want to sing the world premiere in Columbia County (you can also indicate here if you plan on also singing at Carnegie Hall):

It is not required that you are singing with a choir.
Signing up for the last movement is required because it requires the most voices. Check out to hear the music and see the scores.
Each movement involves at least one double choir. After signup you will be assigned choir numbers (for example if you sign up for Alto you might be assigned ALTO2 for all songs and ALTO3 for the final song.). I will provide practice materials for all assigned parts via an email. Thank you!
We've been invited to perform "The Wisdom of Columbia County" at Carnegie Hall on May 27th 2024. Check this box and we'll send you more information as it becomes available.